Tokyo’s Insect Problem

Tokyo’s Insect Problem, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20100116-201605

One of the little known secrets about Tokyo that officials are trying to downplay is the "insect problem". Thought to be a result of breeding in the nuclear power plant tower coolers, and escaping into the city sewer system, sights like this are becoming more common. While some residents seem slightly alarmed at the giant radioactive creatures lumbering around, others seem unconcerned.

"This is Tokyo, man; home of Godzilla, for Pete’s sake", said one man, "besides, Japan loves insects!". Indeed, some stores have begun selling giant insect dolls next to the stuffed toys. A theme park has opened up in Odaiba where people can be strapped to the gentle giants and ride around like bumper cars. And in the surest sign of acceptance: a trendy "mushiyaki" restaurant has even opened up in Roppongi Hills. Supposedly it tastes just like chicken.

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