Finding Winter Inspiration

Watching for Whales

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“The job of a photographer is not to produce decoration for other people’s walls and homes; it’s a real voyage of discovery, and I think it’s an authentic way to go through life, it’s a way of discovering things, finding things, experiencing things

it’s just a wonderful way, in a sense, to go through life as opposed to just trying to produce and create photographs; it’s not completely about that.” —
Michael Kenna

I’m in Tokyo on business, but I came, hoping as usual, to do some photography on the side.  Unfortunately I am not inspired, being somewhat wrapped up in work.  In the evening, I ran across this video by Michael Kenna, via Green Tea Gallery, and courtesy of a blog post comment by Wouter Brandsma, who it seems is also seeking some muse in this dreary winter.

The video is well worth watching, and has the wonderful quote above about photography as a life process.  Highly recommended.

Well, it’s officially the weekend here, and I’m off to a new part of Tokyo for me.  Let’s see if I can find my photographic pulse again!

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