Tank and Posts

Key: R20091219-125238

3 thoughts on “Tank and Posts

  1. Eric, just curious, do you know if this tank is still in use and if so what is stored in it? I like the multiple layers and tones of green paint on the tank.

  2. Hi Earl,

    It looked like the tank *might* have still been in use. I agree: I also found the tank colors interesting and took several close ups of it. I wasn’t sure how much I liked those but I’ll post one tonight and you can get a closer look. I think I got the white balance off a little bit, but it was very foggy and certainly _felt_ a lot like this picture _looks_.

    Right behind it was an old barn that contained steam driven engine relics. It looked like maybe there was a steam driven engine for pumping water, I’m not sure. As you can see, this area does get some rain, being up around 5000 ft, but perhaps not enough to feed all the cattle that are/were ranched in this area, and maybe they pumped water up from lower down to fill the tank.

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