Color management broken in firefox 3.5

Wild Turkeys

Key: R20091219-151357-crop

I’m really cheesed about the fact that color management is broken in Firefox 3.5.  It was working properly in Firefox 3.0, when they were using LittleCMS, but then for some inexplicable reason they decided to switch to a different library (qcms) that doesn’t support v4 ICC profiles. Unfortunately, these v4 profiles are produced by almost every color calibration software out there, including my LaCie Blue Eye Pro.  The upshot is that firefox ignores the display profile, with no error message whatsoever, and proceeds to distort the colors for embedded profiles badly.  This is true for every platform: Mac, Win, Linux. Now many folks out there aren’t using a color managed web browser–only Safari and Firefox really support it, and until ver. 3.5 it was disabled in firefox by default; you had to turn it on using the incredibly super-secret about:config page.  Finally, in ver. 3.5 they enabled icc support by default (for tagged images only). Great, except that in the same release they broke color management for most folks that were using it (as described above).

Ugh. I’m really not a fan of Safari, but at least Apple manages to keep their priorities straight regarding CM. Guess I’ll be firing up Safari until Firefox manages to get this mess straightened out.

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