Mana, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20091128-145218-curves

I have switched my workflow to using RawTherapee for RAW conversion (when I shoot RAW) and for a lot of adjustments in general.  I like the organization of the program a lot.  Asset management (file browsing) is still pretty primitive though; I’d really like a full screen file browser with thumbnails.  I tried Lightroom 3 and it just seemed like the behemoth that it is.

2 thoughts on “Mana

  1. I followed your link and looked at RawTherapes. I always like to see what else is out there. While it looks interesting, I believe I’ll stick with the old behemoth. 😉

  2. Hi Earl,
    I’m still not completely through testing out LR3, and I’ll continue to work with it throughout the free beta period. It’s definitely improved from LR2. I don’t find it’s UI to be as intuitive as RT, however.

    Anybody used Raw Developer? Or have another raw processor to recommend? I want something that has a decent sorter and image viewer with ICC support.

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