Night Swimming

Night Swimming

Key: R20091201-180339

Not sure how well this works. I should have maybe tried an HDR, but the people and the ship were moving around and maybe I couldn’t have done it. Click the picture to see a larger version. I like how there is something “happening” everywhere in the frame.

This is a magical place to swim. From this little island in Hilo Bay you can see sun set over Mauna Kea, the lights come up in Hilo, and the cruise ship all lit up leaving port. Once we saw a monk seal playing around the area.

Here is where Andreas would link to Night Swimming on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “Night Swimming

  1. Eric: I think that this would have been a entirely different feel if you used HDR. As it is, I like it! It has a definite night feel to it. I like the person in the moonlight as well as the ship off in the distance. Lots of things happening.

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