The Monster

The Monster

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Interesting morning. When I opened up the chicken coop egg door, what should I find but a monster egg. It was easily twice the size of a normal egg. I remember one particular chicken that was running around in quite a tizzy yesterday evening and now I know why. I pity that chicken; this must have been uncomfortable to deliver.

Double Yolker

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Well that egg was a double-yolker. No wonder it was so huge. I wonder how common that is. Never seen one before, although I’ve heard of it, certainly.

Gohan to Tamago

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I made a dish that my Japanese teacher recommended: steam rice (this was new crop too, so very fresh!) according to her special directions, then stir up a raw egg and drizzle over the hot rice. It sort of semi-cooks the egg. I then applied some furikake (dried seaweed and sesame seeds) to the top. Mmmm, delicious!

Afterwards I went on a 27-mile bicycle ride up the coast with a new friend. Oh man, my quads were killing me. Fortunately the day was cloudy and cool, and I had a double-yolker inside me to power through the ride.

3 thoughts on “The Monster

  1. I’m with Earl! The rice dish does look good, but I would have had to have the eggs cooked. I don’t do raw or nearly raw eggs. I’ll save that for my steak! Now, 27 miles on such a minuscule amount of fuel. I would have never made it! I would have been chewing on the handlebars after a short while!

  2. Earl, Paul,
    It had been quite a while since I rode 27 miles on a bike, but hopefully I will do it more frequently. I do think I’m going to need more breakfast next time–maybe some sausage links or yogurt with granola.

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