Fire Hydrant Under Siege by Jungle

Fire Hydrant Under Siege by Jungle, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20091118-163625

The 20mm.

Still experimenting.

3 thoughts on “Fire Hydrant Under Siege by Jungle

  1. Oh man, don’t know what to say! EXIF data on Flickr shows the image was taken at f/1.7. Before going there, I was really hoping that it was taken around f/4. Is the image, as presented, a cropped one with much foreground removed? (Tell me lies/Tell me sweet little lies.)

    Would one need a f/1 lens then to have mainly the fire hydrant in focus (would not mind if the first layer of the bush is also *somewhat* in focus)?

    (I personally do not know why I am so disturbed by apparent large depth of focus of this camera when I have no intention to buy one in near future anyway. Odd.)

  2. Parv,

    f1.7 on m4/3 is about the same as f3.3 on a full frame 35mm. The depth of field has as much to do with the focal length as well as how close you are to the subject. In this shot I was a ways from the hydrant, and at that distance, 40mm is pretty short to get shallow depth of field. Not to mention that I wasn’t even trying for that effect in this shot!

    Check the picture of the eggs in the following post for some shallow depth of field with the 20mm. At distances, I get much better shallow DOF with the 14-140mm kit lens dialed up to 90mm or more. And that is a lot slower lens.

    No, for the 20mm f1.7 the main attraction is not shallow DOF picturing, but low light picturing. You can get shallow DOF by getting in close to the subject.

    • Eric, thanks for confirming that the fire hydrant was a bit far away. Yes, that egg image did send out some calming signals.

      I haven’t gotten in the habit of converting aperture — along with equivalent field of view on 35mm format — for 4/3 format cameras. I mostly use a APS-C format (Sony A700) camera (as opposed to a film SLR), so that is my current reference for focal length & aperture.

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