Camera face off: Hawaiian Peppers and Chickens

Looking Down: Hawaiian Peppers and Chickens

Hawaiian Peppers

Hawaiian Peppers

Key: R20091108-162446
Key: R20091108-162906
Key: R20091108-163121

Chickens with Hawaiian Peppers

Top two: Panasonic GH1 (Cloudy WB, Dynamic color)

Bottom: Ricoh GX100 (AWB, Standard color)

The Ricoh nails it for AWB, although I have to say I can see the quality in the GH1 image.


5 thoughts on “Camera face off: Hawaiian Peppers and Chickens

    • Paul,
      It would be interesting to raise some as broilers, but those would be pretty expensive chickens! I’m hoping that we will at least come close to the price of organic free-range eggs with these.

  1. For some reason red chillies & plastic background colors in the top one looks similar enough to the bottom one … oh, I see: first was exposed at 1/80s while the second at 1/125s.

    That does not count for the color difference with the last one which was exposed close enough to the second. BTW, what were the color temperatures & mired values, if possible to access them?

    • On the way to dinner, it dawned on me that there are exposure differences (don’t know how this table would turn out inside ‘pre’ tag) among all three …

                                       P A    P B     R A 
       - Panasonic A: f/4.5, 1/80s     0     +2/3    +1/3
       - Panasonic B: f/4.5, 1/125s   -2/3    0      -1/3
       - Richo A:     f/4.1, 1/125s   -1/3   +1/3     0

      Further, for a proper face off, should use same type of white balance (cloudy vs cloudy, AWB vs AWB), if not outright setting custom white balance with help of the same target.

      • Parv,
        Yes, of course it is hardly a fair face off. In fact, that is only the catchy title of the post and not my intent at all. I shoot mostly JPEG, so I like a camera that can nail the WB. The Ricoh has always accorded itself well in this regard. I was merely posting an informal comparison of AWB shots. I find that I need to shoot the Pana with dynamic color enabled to get a more reasonable default WB. Neither camera was spot on in the dark, cloudy late afternoon conditions, but the Ricoh was closer. I am going to do some comparisons with RAW. I only hope I can find a decent open source RAW processor for the GH1 files.

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