Summer of Fun 1992

Shiprock Lake, ID

Key: ID1992_0054

Nothing much new happening here.  Working too much, not enough time for photography.  I’ve finished another round of scanning, though, a summer of backpacking in 1992.  I cringe to look at some of the photos that I long thought were good.  Check out that tilted horizon!  Not that I have anything against tilted horizons, but they should be intentional.   I suppose in another 15-20 years I’ll look at my current photography and cringe some more.  Then again, maybe not.  Such is the journey.

Well, it’s nice to get the photographs scanned decently in to digital format, where I can access them more readily.  The slide projector was given away long ago.  Now I just need to spend a few nights fixing up tilted horizons…or maybe not.  We’ll see.

These photos bring back fond memories of the summer of fun 1992.  My then girlfriend (now wife) and I went backpacking for most of the summer in Idaho, Montana and Alberta.  This photo was taken only a couple of days into an 11-day backpacking trip in the River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho, the largest roadless area in the lower 48 states.  It was a phenomenal trip and cemented a bond between us. How cool to have a girlfriend that loves backpacking!   I can only dream now of doing an 11 day trip.  Our packs were so heavy with 11 days worth of food and enough water to get us between streams in that somewhat arid land.  This high country was early in the trip and things got hotter as we descended from the alpine lakes to the rivers.  That was some wild country, and we scarcely saw anyone except a few rafting parties on the river.  I remember when we got out there was a little camping supplies shop where we bought a couple of big ice cream cones.  Any other time they would have been great, but after 11 days of backpacking and light eating in the hot sun it seemed so heavy and unnatural inside once I’d finished it.  I couldn’t keep it down.

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