Panasonic GH1: On Yellows and Oranges

Dresses, Honomu, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20090905-153739-master

From a preview of the GF1 at Imaging Resource:

The one concern I have with the GF1 also applies to the GH1 and G1, and is something we’ve already covered: the camera’s handling of yellows and oranges. Yellows have a green cast, and oranges become muted, almost brown. Switching to Dynamic Film mode goes a long way toward correcting the problem, but it also changes the overall contrast, tweaking colors like red and purple in undesirable ways. The good news is that shooting RAW and running the image through Adobe Camera RAW eliminates the problem completely. If you’re okay shooting and processing RAW images all the time — not to mention storing them on a massive hard drive — this peculiar color problem won’t bother you, but take note if JPEG is your preferred shooting method.

I’m not seeing any problems with it at all.  This was shot in JPEG fine with Adobe RGB as the default profile.  Converted to sRGB for the web.  Looks just like I saw it.

I haven’t seen this particular criticism anywhere else except I-R.

2 thoughts on “Panasonic GH1: On Yellows and Oranges

  1. Well certainly none of the colors in your photo above look muted and you say they look true to the originals so I have to wonder about the I-R results. Since it was a preview I wonder if they had a early preproduction unit perhaps without the final firmware?

    • Earl,
      I’m keeping an open mind about it. However, I think if there was a serious issue with it I would have seen something in the forums about it. Haven’t seen it reported anywhere else.

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