Yes, Virginia, there is Banding

Subaru Telescope at Dawn

Key: R20090829-053646

There has been some hand-wringing and finger pointing in the camera forums about the GH1 exhibiting banding at high ISOs. I’m here to tell you that it’s all true, and I have the proof. Witness this photo and 100% crop thereof, Subaru Telescope on a recent cold morning at 14000 ft in August. The crop is from the top of the picture, showing Subaru’s unconventional dome shape and some sky.

Panasonic GH1 banding @ISO1600

Key: R20090829-053646-banding

Does this bother me? Not particularly,…yet. Word is that it can be dealt with fairly straightforwardly with certain noise removal programs, or even with certain camera settings. Haven’t yet played with any of that. Outside of the banding, I like what I see at ISO 1600. And Panasonic may yet have some help for this with a future firmware update.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this later.

2 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, there is Banding

  1. Have you printed a photograph and did you also see the banding? Maybe with some extra contrast in post-processing it may not appear on a print.

    Very nice camera and good luck photographing. Now only waiting for the new 20mm f/1.7 lens 😀


    • Wouter,
      I haven’t printed any yet. As you can see it isn’t very noticeable except in the 100% crop. Until I see more serious issues, I’m calling this a 100% crop, pixel peeper kind of issue. And I generally don’t get knickers twisted over those sorts of “problems”.


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