Panasonic GH1: Like/Dislike

Moss and Leaves

Key: R20090830-100432


  • EVF
  • articulated LCD screen
  • kit lens sharpness, versatility, rendering, no zoom creep
  • multi-aspect ratios with same FOV
  • decent AF
  • workable ISO 1600
  • very usable stabilization
  • onboard flash
  • small size (*)


  • kit lens weight, size, max f4.0
  • strap eyelets
  • flimsy controls and flaps
  • useless scene modes
  • lens cap without retainer cord
  • worthless neck strap
  • small size (*)

Dunno Yet:

  • Video
  • Battery life
  • “film modes”
  • menus/UI ergonomics
  • JPEG engine

(*) too big to be a compact, to compact to be a SLR, not workable as a rangefinder.  This opinion subject to change as smaller lenses are tried.

I will update this post as I find new things to add to either list.

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