Folio printing: success!

Tyler and "Junior Junior"

Key: R20090619-102238

In the continuing saga of trying to get my first PDF folio test printed, I mentioned that I was able to print a very high quality print from the PDF one page at a time via Photoshop. I have been looking for a couple of nights now on how to print the whole PDF folio in one go with the same quality.

I’m happy to report that I’ve found an acceptable method for printing the whole folio. I figured there must be an angle to do this through Adobe Reader.  I updated my version of Adobe Reader and also updated my version of the HP 9180 printer drivers.  I also ran a few more test prints using different combinations of settings.

Updating to a more recent version of Reader solved the anti-aliasing problem that I mentioned previously.  As to the color differences, I dunno whether it was the driver update that got that sorted out, but I finally got a very close match after restarting Reader.  I choose “Color Matching” == ColorSync and then choose the correct profile for the paper I am using.

Comparing the print from Reader with the print from Photoshop was interesting. I gave the nod to Reader for the best rendered text, and to Photoshop for dithering and color, by a hair.  However, when I compared each to to the image up on my calibrated monitor I gave the nod to the Reader print for the closest color match. The Photoshop print is actually just ever so slightly more saturated, which gives it just a little bit more punch. Most people tend to favor that, but I’ll take the best match to the monitor, Thank You Very Much.

I still favored the dither pattern in the Photoshop print, but it wasn’t something I could see with the naked eye, only under the loupe.  I was still fretting over it just a little when I suddenly remembered a setting I had seen in the Reader print Advanced dialog: an option to “print as image”.  It occurred to me that Photoshop must be doing something exactly like that.  Check the box, print, examine. Now it was too close to call on the dithering.  Game, set, match: Reader.

Hope this is helpful to someone in the same boat.  Cheers.

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