Folio by the cold light of dawn

Chickens, Anyone Folio

So the last thing I did last night before going to bed was to print out my first “test” PDF folio in it’s entirety (after figuring out how to do that decently).

In the cold light of morning I had a look at what exactly I had wrought.  Now, this is cheap glossy paper, and not what I’m planning to use for folios in general, but as a test case I think it looks pretty swell.  Apologies for the disarray presentation on the couch; I was in a hurry to get to work.

It went pretty smoothly except about 4-5 pages into the run the printer developed an ink spot in the lower left corner of a few of the prints before it cleared itself up.  This got me to thinking about whether there would be a decent way to outsource the printing of the folio with similar levels of permanence and quality. I can think of one or two places locally that I could probably get that done, but I am also wondering if there is a place on the net that will take a PDF like that and produce a pigmented ink jet stack of prints.  Not a book, not Blurb, but a stack of prints, from a PDF.  I’d be interested to hear of one.  I suppose I could rasterize each page and upload the set to imagekind and they’d do a decent job of it.

Chickens, Anyone Folio (detail 1)

Chickens, Anyone Folio (detail 2)

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