On printing a PDF folio

Chicken Wing

Key: R20090619-102140

After having figured out a method for generating a PDF-based folio yesterday, today I cranked out a test print on the ink jet. Normally, I use a plug in for Photoshop on a Mac to print my photos on the ink jet, which is an HP 9180.  This plug in does all kinds of things in one place, like let me set Photoshop-based color management, rendering intent, sizing, scaling, position, profiles for paper type, etc. etc. I have found that out of all the methods I’ve tried, I get the best results out of my printer using that plug in.

So as a first attempt I fired up Photoshop and attempted to load the 300 dpi folio PDF.  I had no idea whether this would work or not, but it did. Photoshop popped up a dialog offering to rasterize a page of the PDF and showing little thumbnails of the pages. I picked one and it rasterized it and it came up in a window. I then attempted to use the printing plug in and it worked fine. The print was on no-name glossy paper, not what I plan to use for the final folio, but nevertheless it looked absolutely fine. Examination with a loupe didn’t reveal anything out of the ordinary and the text was rendered cleanly.  I assume that the bitmap image data on the page was simply inserted inline in the text rasterization process (and not re-rasterized somehow), but I am not sure.

What this tells me is that at worst, I simply rasterize each page of the PDF and print each individually. However, I’d actually prefer to just print the whole PDF folio in one shot.  That will be my next attempt, and it will probably have to involve a different application.  Stay tuned if you are interested.

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