On printing via Blurb’s PDF to Book: Part 6

I Double-Dog Dare Ya

I’ve finally gotten around to updating the templates for my recent SoFoBoMo LaTeX-created Blurb photobook.

To recap briefly, the templates:

  • Use xelatex (or pdflatex) to create a PDF photobook
  • Web version and Book versions are created from the same common block of text with different resolution images
  • Allows any truetype fonts to be used (with xelatex)
  • Book and cover PDFs can be uploaded to Blurb’s PDF to Book site
  • No hassle retargeting for different sizes
  • Includes Python script for image downsampling and ICC embedding (via ImageMagick)

I’ve updated the web version of the PDF that was made by it if you are interested in taking a look.  You can see I used the Garamond truetype font, the same one I used in my Scribus version.  I’ve heard that with v9 of Adobe reader (on some platforms) the PDF cannot be viewed.  I’ve not seen this yet, and Blurb happily accepts the PDFs and makes books, but I would appreciate any other reports of problems viewing the PDF.

I’ve put the templates under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.


2 thoughts on “On printing via Blurb’s PDF to Book: Part 6

  1. Thank you!

    I just downloaded the template and will give it a try.

    What’s weird is now the pdf generated by xelatex now opens perfectly with acrobat 9. No problems at all.

    Great job!

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