SoFoBoMo Do-ne

Chickens, Anyone?

I finished up my 2009 SoFoBoMo project and you can download the PDF from here.

I’m glad to be finished, because work is still busy and I won’t have much time this week.  I do need to find time to dig up my password for the official SoFoBoMo site and upload the PDF there.  I’ll also try to get a copy up on Issuu.  (Update: it’s now also on Issuu).

I enjoyed this one as much or more than last year’s, and will probably participate again next year.  I’ll have a brief write up of my experience this time as another post, and what I plan to do as far as POD printing it.

5 thoughts on “SoFoBoMo Do-ne

  1. Eric, Congratulations on completing your SoFoBoMo book! Having grown up on a small working farm (yes, with chickens) I enjoyed your “adventure” and thought you came up with some great ideas for the coop and all. The photos were great and the story line flowed smoothly–I enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Eric, thoroughly enjoyed the starting of the chickens. I will have to see the book in person too, sometime; Garamond is hard to read on screen, no trouble since captions were small.

    Did moving the coop around work as far as fertilizing the lawn was concerned? Would you have chicken dinner at some point?

    • Parv,

      Glad you enjoyed it! Definitely would consider a chicken dinner at some point, although they were bought as layers–I am expecting a couple years of eggs. After that long, I might be too attached to them to eat, but we’ll see.


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