April Snow, Oak Park, IL

April Snow, Oak Park, IL, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20090406-070240

This is another one of those photographs where my conscious mind does not see anything special about it, but I keep returning to it again and again in the edit pile.

Even when I was taking the picture, I remember just seeing something and raising the camera to my eye, composing oh so briefly and firing the shutter. I remember thinking to myself, “why did I take that?”

So here it is.

If I had to say something I like about it, it would be the snow lining the one side of the trees, with the other sides bare, and the little pool of snow around the bases. There was almost no snow anywhere else, since it melted so fast. And the trees receding into the distance with that pattern… Ahh,.. dunno. I just like it.

One thought on “April Snow, Oak Park, IL

  1. Eric, I like it too. The snow is an interesting detail but my eyes keep following the straight right edge of the sidewalk off into the far distance–long sidewalk, converging lines, good depth. It’s the only unbroken line in the photo. The snow/trees help to define this “right edge.” Interesting too it appears you were almost standing on that line/edge when you took this photo. That’s what I see, your mileage my vary! 🙂

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