On Edge Avoiding Wavelets

Legacy, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20000912-111256-BW-colorized

This is kind of cool.

A fellow at Hebrew University in Israel, working on a new class of wavelet algorithms wrote asking permission to use an image from one of my tutorials for a paper he wrote. The paper describes some new type of “edge-avoiding wavelets” for image encoding and gives some examples of interesting possibilities for image manipulations using them. Basically, he has reproduced using a computer algorithm what I did somewhat more painstakingly using the GIMP and a couple of hours of my life a few years ago.

Now my education is in computer science, but my area of research was the intersection of programming languages and parallelism, not image processing. I have yet to read the paper, but it looks interesting.  I may report back on it here later.

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