Canon G10 bypassed

Don’t touch my water!, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20090116-205150

So following up my last post, I also played with a Canon G10 in Japan last week. My impressions were that it is a solid little brick of a camera. You could probably pound a nail in with it and then go on shooting.

I liked the dedicated manual exposure compensation wheel, because I’m always adjusting that. The manual ISO wheel was also nice, although I tend not to adjust ISO as frequently.

Overall though, I felt that I needed more of a different camera than just another high quality small sensor compact. Had my Ricoh given out completely, I might have been tempted to pick up the G10 as a replacement. But I’m looking now for a larger sensor. It’ll be interesting to see where Canon goes with this line now–my guess is they will go with a small CMOS sensor in the G11. They’ll probably end up making a large sensor compact, but only after they see the market potential for it. They are too afraid of cutting into DSLR sales. Pity, that.

One thought on “Canon G10 bypassed

  1. I think before Canon puts out a large sensor point & shoot, Panasonic might produce faster lens(es), and/or Olympus would have a working micro 4/3d camera. In the meantime, fate of Pentax might be determined.

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