More Equipment Grief

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Key: R20090110-145719

Anybody know what kind of shrub this is? Growing not very far upslope from sea level in Hawaii.

I’m having more trouble with my main camera, the Ricoh GX-100.

After sending it in for repairs earlier last year, it came back working, sort of. The lens still racks in and out far too long for what should be a normal start up interval. So my start up time from power off is much worse than when I first got the camera.

The worst development, however, is that now the autofocus has become unreliable. It was always a bit slow, but used to be reliable. Now, I am beginning to find that a fair number of shots come back blurry. And not from low shutter speed, but from bad AF. Yesterday, on an outing with the local photo club, I tried to focus on a particular scene for two minutes. And over a half-dozen pictures I could not get a sharp focus picture at 1/60th, despite trying several different objects in the scene.

I could even tell in the field, chimping on the LCD afterward that I had not gotten a decent lock on the subject. This was in fair light too. Testing with my other cameras I can see that they lock focus were this one does not. It’s still under warranty, so I’m going to try to send it in yet again on my dime.

This is a very depressing development, because I loved the ergonomics of the Ricoh. I have to say, though, that I’m disinclined to buy another, gven the problems that I have had myself and heard about on the various forums. They put together a nice camera, but didn’t do due diligence on the quality control.

When’s that new Olympus micro 4/3 supposed to be announced?

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