Drying Out

Green Vortex

Green Vortex, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20090104-163911-master

I read with some interest all the accounts of the folks who were snowed in these last couple of weeks or so.  Living in Hawaii, our only snow is in the mountains.  And we got plenty of that.  Down here towards sea level it was all rain–lots of it.

Now, mind you, this is basically rainforest that we are living in, so we’re used to rain.  And sometimes it rains for days, even weeks, on end.  After so many days, you just want to wring out.

Today the sun came out for a while and gave us some cheer.  It was pretty weak, but it was something.  I pulled out the camera and walked around the yard a bit.  Felt good.  Probably a similar feeling to those folks in Portland when they finally dug out of the snow.

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