On Seeing Again


I noted today that The Doonster is in a funk (at least photography-wise).   I know the feeling.  I feel as if I am just coming out of one myself.  I got busy at work, then our cat died, etc. etc.   This surely isn’t the first time I’ve gone through periods where my muse wasn’t there, but for some reason on this latest one I was beginning to feel a little nervous because I couldn’t feel my photographic “pulse”.

Well, short story long, I’ve begun seeing again.  Last couple of days I’ve had moments where I saw something and felt the familiar pull in my head.  Luckily, I’ve been carrying my camera around anyway (mostly unused), so I was ready.  It feels a little rusty, like going back to work after being pretty sick.  But it also feels good.

Today’s image was made while I was slicing lemons from our tree for lemonade.  Seeing all the halves in an arrangement I suddenly felt like I was looking at a constellation of stars.  Out came the camera.  And not quite knowing why I wanted to, I began playing with filters on it once I had it uploaded and in the editor.  This was the “oilify” filter, with heavy settings.  I could probably count the times on one hand that I’ve used these sorts of “arty” filters, but I like the effect here, and how it makes the image a bit more abstract.

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