On the Hamster Wheel, Running


I’m here.  Just got caught up in a work crunch, car trouble, etc. and don’t have any recent images inspiring enough to post.

I ran across this post at Tao of Phography, which sort of nicely sums up some recent thoughts I’ve run across elsewhere in the personal photography blogosphere on this general topic: not feeling inspired, how to get yourself back in the zone.  I need to get out there and take some photos.  The weekend beckons.  I’ve been satisfying myself by making some prints, having replentished my ink supply.  And that’s been good, all good.  But to be out there making photographs in the zone, that’s where the real joy lies.  And I don’t even need to shoot much, just enough to catch the current, so to speak.

And if I had that photo project or two on the back burner it would provide some ready made traction.  I keep coming back to that.

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