CameraBag on the iPhone


I’ve started using CameraBag on the iPhone.  This is a cool little app that actually makes the iPhone camera useful.  If you have an iPhone you just search for “CameraBag” and download it from the iTunes store.

“What!?” you say, “I heard the iPhone camera is only a lousy 2 megapixel joke of a camera!”

Well, yes, that’s true.  But, you see, CameraBag turns the iPhone camera into a decent replica of a toy camera.  You, too, can have that chic look in your photos that says: “I’m so cool, I photograph with a toy camera that vignettes the hell out of the corners and has that washed out look that’s all the rage”.  Actually, I could say the photos remind me of The Landscapist‘s work.  And I like his work a fair bit.

The CameraBag app lets you choose from Holga, Lomo, Ansel Adams, and various other retro film looks.  No, they are not entirely accurate, but are they fun? Yes!  Are they good enough for a similar use? Yes, yes!

See, I can dig shooting with the toy camera look once in a while.  But my days with film cameras are over.  I won’t shoot film just to have a retro look.  You will see some more from this camera app on this blog (not a lot, I’m still too in love with the GX-100 to go AWOL for too long).  The downsides of the app?  S-L-O-W.  Very limited resolution.  iPhone interface.  But maybe that’s all just part of the magic, so to speak.

The upsides?  I always have my phone with me, no matter what.  So I am never without a camera now.  Also, you can upload wirelessly (wifi or 3G) from the iPhone camera roll straight to Flickr, and then to a blog.  With geotagging if you like (I use the app MobileFotos for this).  Pretty slick.

See more CameraBag images here.

UPDATED: Here is a different Flickr pool

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