Morgue Room (was “Gas Chamber”), Dachau

Gas Chamber, Dachau, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20080702-165606

Although Dachau was built as a concentration camp, and not an extermination camp like Auschwitz and others, it was sometimes pressed into use for mass executions, especially toward the end of the war.

UPDATE: Please see comments!  This was the morgue room, not the gas chamber.  You can see plenty examples of the gas chamber here.

3 thoughts on “Morgue Room (was “Gas Chamber”), Dachau

  1. This is a photo of the morgue room at Dachau where bodies were stored before being cremated. Notice the two floor drains, one of which has been boarded up. The gas chamber had six floor drains. Notice the ceiling. The gas chamber had 15 fake shower heads on the ceiling.

    The door in the photo leads into the gas chamber. The morgue room had no source of running water and a hose had to be connected to a water pipe in the gas chamber to clean the floor of the morgue room.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Geseke. The crematorium was just closing for the day when I arrived there, having spent so much time in the rest of the memorial. Nevertheless, I did have time to take a few photos, but didn’t get to read the signs as closely as in the other areas. I may have a picture of the gas chamber, I’ll look through my take for the day.

    Since the allies occupied the site after the war, and modified it to suit their needs for detaining prisoners, I didn’t know if the gas chamber had been restored to it’s configuration during the nazi use. I don’t remember seeing a bunch of fake shower heads, but then again I was working quickly to get a few photos before they shut up the place for the night.

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