On Sets, Themes and Portfolios

I’ve been thinking a lot about sets/themes/portfolios lately.  Lots of things have been pointing me in that direction.  First there was the whole SoFoBoMo experience, which was all about a set of photos, in a theme, presented in a particular format, and the result was a portfolio, of sorts.  That got me all fired up to do another book, and got me thinking about getting some themes rolling.

Then there have been some thought-provoking posts lately.  Paul Butzi’s been chewing on it for a while now on his blog.  And L-L featured a nice article called Thinking in Themes recently.

Today I ran across Toufic Beyhum‘s great series Emotions in Motion.  Just terrific stuff.  I really connect with those photographs, love the presentation, and dig the theme.  That set makes a great portfolio on its own.

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