Panasonic LX-3? GX200?

If you are a fan of serious compacts, you have probably heard by now of the new Panasonic/Leica LX-3, the upgrade to the successful (if flawed) LX-2.  Panasonic is promising a better sensor this time around, one of the few things that plagued the LX-2, an otherwise admirable camera.  Specs look good, price looks decent.  What’s not to like here?

As for me, it’s too soon after the Ricoh GX100 to upgrade.  I’m very happy with the camera, and my only real regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner.  The upgrade to the GX200 looks very nice, but I’m going to sit that one out, unless a real good deal presents itself.  The only compelling reason to upgrade is the improved RAW buffer.  And while RAW is nicely usable on the GX200, the JPEG engine is reportedly poorer than the GX100.  I like to have a decent JPEG option in the camera.  Plus I’d like to see a slightly larger sensor.

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