Nik Silver Efex

Just ran across this interesting post on a plug-in for Photoshop called Nik Silver Efex. Check out the video demo on the blog page.

It looks like it has gathered in one place a lot of really great tools for B&W conversions.

I’m a little bummed that this is a Photoshop plug in, however.  First, I’ve pretty much moved away from Photoshop for everything except printing (and I’ll ditch that too as soon as I can find something that gives me good enough control over that).  The way of the future is not in Photoshop–it’s really showing it’s age now.

3 thoughts on “Nik Silver Efex

  1. I’m not sure I agree that Photoshop has become dated but I do recognize that it is not for everyone. Just to give you a heads-up, Silver Efex is also available for Elements as well as Apple’s Aperture.


  2. Jeff,

    That’s a good sign that it’s available for Aperture. Is there a Lightroom version in the works, or does Lightroom have the ability to run Photoshop plug-ins?

  3. Photoshop may be showing it’s age for general photo processing and touch ups but if you need to do serious edits or combine multiple shots there really is nothing better.

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