Bayerischer Verwaltungs Gerichts Hof

Bayerischer Verwaltungs Gerichts Hof, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20080629-203903-crop

(Bavarian Administrative Court Yard)
Munich, Germany

I was struck by the architecture of Munich.  During WW2, 70% of Munich was destroyed.  They rebuilt it all in the style of the old.  Thus you have these 50-60 year old buildings that look like they are from a bygone era, but are actually relatively quite new.  I was passing this building (some sort of municipal administrative complex) on the other side of the street and was taken by the symmetry of the windows.

This particular shot was pretty underexposed, so it looks a little stretched after some post processing.  But it’s the best of the bunch that I took at that moment of that subject.

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