On the Leica M8

I ran across a link to this Leica M8 review somewhere during my travels through the blogosphere today.  (Wish I could remember where, so I could give them a traceback, but I lost track…).  Anyway, it’s a pretty damning review by a pretty accomplished photojournalist.  I’ll not comment too much, as I don’t have much experience with Leica’s in general, but I found it to have very compelling arguments.  I suppose the standard answer from the Leicaphiles would be that this camera is not meant for photojournalism.  Wait…a Leica not meant for photojournalism?

All I could really think of after reading that was that I wish Canon, Nikon, etc. were all reading that article, and then thinking, like I did, about the Sigma DP-1.  I have never read a better argument for why  professional photographers would love a small, quiet digital rangefinder with a medium sized sensor.

Note that I didn’t say large sensor–a medium-sized sensor would be just dandy and keep the size down.

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