Whither POD?

The Perfect Picnic Table, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20080530-185224

I’m browsing some of the posts from the SoFoBoMo pipe, and seeing several from people who were not overly happy with their POD results.  Witness parsenome on CreateSpace, and Anita Jesse on Blurb.  Coupled with my own lukewarm reception to the VioVio product, I’m left wondering if there is any POD factory out there that can put out a decent photo book, with good paper and nice photographic reproduction.

The search continues.

On a happier note, I submitted a montage of Kitty #1, 2, 3, & 4 to a local photo contest yesterday.  Tomorrow  I’m attending a workshop given by the judge, Robbert Flick.  He wants to see a portfolio of each participant’s work.  Me?  I’m taking my SoFoMoBo book!

2 thoughts on “Whither POD?

  1. I think one has to look at POD within its own limitations. If you want short run books at reasonable cost there will be some compromises. There are also some very happy with their POD returns. If you don’t read Dave Beckerman, go check out his experiences with POD. He’s gone through all the professional options in search of top quality repro on good paper. Ends up costing hundreds to join a programme and then hundreds per book.
    I think one key to POD is lowering expectations away from top quality fine art printing that one might expect from modern ink jet machines.

  2. Hi Martin,

    I accept that there will be limitations. It just seems like the gap is pretty far apart between ink jet printing and POD publishing. I would have expected the gap to be narrower given the state of technology.

    Beckerman’s site is the one I started with in my search for a POD publisher. He currently seems to favor mypublisher and sharedink, IIRC. And he does mosty B&W work. I’ll have to take a look at those. Thanks for the reminder.


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