VioVio halftoning

VioVio halftoning, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20080520-225624-levels

In the comments to my post on the VioVio experience, part deux, Martin Doonan made a couple comments that got me thinking about why the images in the VioVio printed book seem poor.  I said I’d try to post a shot of what I was seeing through a loupe.

Here it is.  Even though it’s a pretty hurried poor macro shot in bad light through a cheap loupe, you can basically see the VioVio printer halftoning pattern very clearly.  And I will note that there is absolutely no color to be seen anywhere.  This yields a very neutral print.  No, color is not really the issue here, methinks, but rather the apparent resolution of the printer screen (in LPI).  It appears to be rather coarse, frankly.  At least compared to my inkjet prints.  Tomorrow I’ll print out a copy of the image on my HP9180 and take the same picture through the loupe so we can compare.  Here is the original.  BTW, the images were prepped in the document for 300 DPI, as their instructions suggested.

Back to the color issue, I’m still left wondering why they printed it in black and white when their web site said that books with images should be printed in color.  I did check the color box.  I know that this may produce unwanted color casts, but isn’t it also that case that sometimes printers do a better job of B&W prints by using color dithering?  Perhaps they made a mistake.  Time to see what their customer service is like.

I’ll keep you posted.

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