VioVio books via Flickr

I noticed during my time on the VioVio web site the other night that they have an option to create a book via a Flickr interface. You know how you can have your photos in Flickr printed at various 3rd party sites via the web services API? Well apparently VioVio has coded up an interface to pull one of your Flickr sets over and print out a book for you.  Sure would be simpler than all that Scribus work I did, albeit with a great deal of loss of control over the look of the book.  Still, given that I was uploading my selects to a set on Flickr, it would have been trivial to make the book from that (and therefore probably not nearly as interesting).  VioVio even generates a lo-res (crappy) PDF preview of the book!

For a quick book, I think that would be a pretty neat trick. Especially if they pull the titles and descriptions over from Flickr and write those in next to the images. I’ll definitely be checking this out.  It strikes me that it’s also the perfect tool for a kid just starting out taking pictures, as my kids are.  They can already hook up the camera and upload the images and print them out on the inkjet.  It wouldn’t be that much more to upload to Flickr and then put a book together.

The whole process is nicely explained in a video here.

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