SoFoBoMo: Book Shipped!

Contemplation at Dusk, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20080503-180844-curves

Well, I got a 300 dpi version of the PDF uploaded to VioVio, and with some bumbling, managed to navigate through their web site to create the “product”. You can find it here:

The preview is very low res. Base price is $15.49–very affordable!

I ordered one perfect bound soft cover with “photo silk” paper ($24.66 shipped), and one case wrap hard cover edition, the latter with “pro binding” and satin paper ($51.73 shipped).

I learned some interesting things about VioVio during the process which I will save for my next post.

I await the results.  Word has it that they have good customer service and speedy shipping.  And even though I was extremely careful with my PDF generation and researched it up and down the web, I’m still worried that the B&W images will look terrible.  Good to have low expectations; then I just might be pleasantly surprised.

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