Post SoFoBoMo

Aloha, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20080504-132454

It was gratifying to put the book project to bed last night. It’s not like I spent every waking hour on the thing, but for the last month it pretty much consumed all the time I devote to photography and then some. I’m going to push out a couple more of the last batch of selects into the blog photostream and then take a different tack for a while.

I do plan to spend some time trying to get the darn thing printed, and I will report on my experience with that here.  As I mentioned before, I’m probably going to start with VioVio.  Reason?  They don’t make you use their software (you can upload your own PDF) and the prices seem reasonable.  They mention an option for “professional, photo silk paper that enriches your images, and dramatically enhances the contrast of your pages so your images jump to life”.  That sounds good; now I’ll find out if they can deliver the goods.


I finished the tweaks necessary to add the trim around the edges of the document.  Scribus made pretty short work of it.  A lot of options make more sense to me now, and I’m confident now that the next book will roll off much more quickly.  VioVio recommends that you do the cover as a separate document, so I had to do some adjustments there too, but everything was for the better.  I just need to create the cover (they want a JPEG RGB image, actually, based on a template from their web site), and I’m ready to submit it.  The 300 dpi version of the PDF for the interior (book) topped out at 40MB.

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