Mother, Daughter

Mother, Daughter, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.

Key: R20080412-143118

SoFoBoMo update

I’ve got the book completely laid out, ready for images. Was feeling a little behind on the photography, but I’m making a good dent in that this weekend. I think I’m in good shape to finish the project on time, provided I keep the shutter firing.

GX-100 Notes

The GX-100 continues to suprise and delight (and sometimes disappoint). I’ve come to some new understandings this weekend:

  • Snap focus isn’t quite as wonderful as I first thought. The sensor has good depth of field, but compared to pictures where I have deliberately focused on the subject, they seem soft.
  • When I do focus on the subject, this lens is razor sharp. I’ve never had a zoom lens like it, even back in my film SLR days. 72mm definitely is the weak end.
  • AF speed continues to disappoint. This is not a camera for shooting action, unless…
  • Movie mode is not bad at all. This may be a matter of low expectations. Frankly, from what (little) I’d read, I was expecting crap. The color seems to shift around, and sound is a bit poor, but the nice bright, sharp lens helps a lot. And you can zoom while shooting video. 30 FPS until you fill the card. I have a feeling I’ll be shooting a fair bit of candid video with this.
  • I’m surprised by the dynamic range of this sensor. It seems better than my other digicams. Take a look at the photo in this post. Everything from sunlit highlights to dark shadows. And it has held the detail fairly well for a small sensor camera.
  • The metering is solid. I have to dial in somewhere between -0.3 and -0.7 EV, but then things are hunky dory.
  • Since the Auto ISO is so well done, and I’m shooting a lot of B&W, I’ve switched the adjust controls from EV comp/WB/ISO/AE mode to EV comp/Image quality/Focus mode/AE mode. This better reflects the settings I’m changing most often.
  • I love having 24mm again!!!!

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