SoFoBoMo plan

Ricoh GX-100, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.
Key: R20080320-224151-curves

Following Colin Jago and Paul Butzi‘s example, here is my plan for SoFoBoMo.

It’s starting April 1, or thereabouts anyway.  It will be shot entirely with the new GX-100.  Square format, B&W.  I was planning on a square book, but now I think I will have text, and the book will be rectangular to allow that.  I’m planning to use Scribus to produce the document, but my fallback plan if I run into trouble is to use OpenOffice, which just feels a lot easier to work with, and if it just respects the embedded profiles in the images all should work out just fine.

The topic of the book shall remain a secret for the time being.  If I post pictures as I go along, which I may well do, it may become apparent what it’s all about.


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