Pigtails, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.
Key: R20080314-172919

The GX-100 is here!

I’ll be posting impressions along the way as I get acquainted with this cam, along with a more comprehensive review down the line. With that, here are the initial impressions (many of my impressions are relative to experience with the Casio ex-p600):

  • it’s smaller than expected (but larger than the ex-p600)
  • build is a little flimsier than expected, especially controls, but decent overall
  • widely reported “lens wobble” not as noticeable as expected
  • I really like the step-zoom feature
  • nice 1:1 aspect ratio option
  • can’t have 2/3rds cross hairs and histogram at same time
  • widely reported audible noise is less than expected (not significantly worse than ex-p600)
  • a little slower to write files, review pictures (although I’m using a generic SD card for initial testing, so it could be that)

And last, but certainly not least, re: noise.  There is certainly a fair amount of noise visible at almost all ISO levels.  I was steeling myself for the worst, and it’s good that I did.  There is a lot more to say about the topic of noise in the GX-100, however, so I’ll save further comment for later.

Overall, I’m quite pleased so far with the camera for the purchase price.

This is a jpeg snap straight out of the camera, B&W mode, 1:1 format.  No manipulations.  According to the EXIF, the ISO is “135”.  Next image example I’ll lock down the ISO.

More soon.

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