B&B and Castle Ruins, Northumberland

B&B and Castle Ruins, Northumberland, originally uploaded by Eric Jeschke.
Key: R20040626-191108-master

Well, after much hemming and hawing, fretting, pondering, and all kinds of introspection, I’ve ordered a Ricoh GX-100. I’ve been searching for an upgrade to my Casio EX-P600 for ages (in Internet time, naturally), and, as the camera can now be had for $440 from Amazon (via Adorama) I just had to pick it up. I’m really waiting for the GX-200, but judging from the release cycle it won’t be out for another year.

Really, there are just three players left in the power compact camera game: Panasonic, Ricoh and Canon. Panasonic shows little signs of really fixing the issues with the LX-2 that would bring it into the top league. Canon came back strong with the G9 after looking like they were going to exit this market.  Unfortunately, the G9 is just a tad too big, size-wise and not wide angle enough for my taste, otherwise I like what I hear about it…

Well, make it four players–the dark horse is Sigma with the DP1. I think I’ll wait for V2 of that camera, though.  Look for pictures from the GX-100 here in the near future!

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