Online backup

It seems everyone has been thinking about backup these last couple years.  Personally, I’m tired of shuffling hard drives that are so cheap and seem to go out after only a year or two.  And, I need the “disaster recovery” scenario covered–theft, fire, hurricane, etc.  So I’ve been thinking a lot about online backup for my gigabytes of photos.

If you are in the same frame of mind, you may be interested in reading this post.

2 thoughts on “Online backup

  1. I can see why backup is important to you. If you need a cheap way to backup all of your stuff you should check out Mozy. Their home version is unlimited and only $5/month. You set it up to run at scheduled times and intervals so you don’t have to worry about it. The data is backed up on their servers so if your whole setup gets fried, stolen, nuked or whatever you’re okay.

  2. Judging by the fact that I have received multiple copies of this comment, that the comment is extremely general and not specific to the post, and is posted by someone named ‘Online Backup’, I believe it is being posted by a bot. If true, it’s kind of sad, that this company has a bot spidering the blogosphere, astroturfing blogs with this kind of post–doesn’t look good.

    Nevertheless, I’m letting the post stand, because others may comment on Mozy as an online backup strategy. Judging from what I’ve read (no personal experience with it, mind you), the jury on Mozy is decidedly mixed. Some liked it, some didn’t. There were lots of comments that seemed to indicate that backups took a looong time to initially set up (i.e. initial transfer of data), and that sometimes the service seemed spotty in terms of reliably knowing that the backup completed.

    Anyone (no more bots, please) with any real opinions on Mozy, or online backup services like, etc.? With shell accounts at running around $10/mo for a terabyte of storage, it seems like a no-brainer to set up your own rsync target for the disaster recovery scenario.

    I’d still want a good local backup strategy, because restoring hundreds of gigabytes from the internet should be a last gasp scenario even with my broadband internet connection. Now if I lived in Japan, Korea, (or even Frisco)…

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