Full screen slide shows on the web

piclens looks like a very interesting Firefox extension–full screen slide shows from “compatible sites”. Of course, uprezzing low-res flickr shots may not be the bees nees in many cases. But I often want to show people a slide show of my Flickr account–and the Flickr slide show is OK, but pretty minimal.

Anyone have any experience with this add-in? Does it do any ‘tracking’, etc.? What is their business plan?

[Update: Ok, I’ve tried this extension, and it is kind of nice. If you have Safari on a Mac, it is supposedly lets you control your slide show with the Apple Remote (I wasn’t able to get that part to work on os 10.5).  So, you want to do an impromptu slideshow at a wifi hotspot, just flip open your macbook pro, fire up Firefox or Safari, hit your Flickr site and off you go.

Now it’s got me interested in checking out their CoolIris extension…]

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