Near proximity, low-power, wireless image transfer

Previously, I mentioned how it would be nice to just set your camera down beside the computer (maybe on a special pad) and have your photos wirelessly transferred:

Another feature that looks cool (although I haven’t played with it much) is wireless infrared image transfer. Apparently, if you have a compatible device (such as a friend’s F31), you can beam selected photos over to that device. This would be slick for downloading to your computer, although slower than USB. It’s somewhat annoying in this day and age that one has to plug into their laptop or desktop to download photos. It would be nice to just set the camera down next to the computer and press a button. Bluetooth, anyone?

It looks like this idea has some other proponents.

It would be great if this got popular enough to be ubiquitous. Unfortunately, Sony has a history of squandering great potential standards through unrealistic licensing restrictions and fees. We’ll see if this time around they play this any better.

Then again, there is also this

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