Small cameras are great

I’ve run across an article or two in the last couple of days regarding small “serious” cameras (usually referred to as “point and shoots” or “digicams” or “bridge” cameras). Basically, these are small cameras that appeal to photographers, not just snapshooters. It appears that there is a significant market out there for these cameras.

When I say significant, I don’t necessarily mean large. I mean that there is a market of photographers with mindshare and influential reach on the more general camera-buying populace. Camera companies would do well to listen to them.

Check out the following posts:

It’s sad to see Casio seemingly exiting this market. I hope I’m wrong about that, but all indications point otherwise (more megapixels, less control). Fortunately we still have Ricoh and Panasonic serving this market (and maybe, hopefully, Canon?)

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